Persecution of Minority Sects of Hinduism
its Avatars, its Deities, its Temples and countless Practising Hindus.


As a part of series of documents which narrates the story of persecution of His Divine Holiness, this particular document speaks of the untold story of 5000 years of The Hindu Holocaust.

The Hindu Holocaust has been the systematic, egregious and ongoing genocide over the last 5000 years on the most ancient living civilization on the planet. Denied by the historians and untold by its victimized survivors, the Hindu Holocaust is the biggest “crime against humanity” in world history.

The scope of — The Hindu Holocaust — may be understood in the table given below. Hindus have time and again suffered religious persecution in the form of forceful conversions, massacres, demolition and desecration of temples, confiscation or destruction of property, incitement to hate, imprisonment, torture, murder, destruction of universities and schools and crimes against women and children. For the purpose of this document, we categorize them as follows:



Kailaasa Office of Nithyananda Hindu University

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Stop the Hindu Holocaust.