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The Vedic Hindu civilization was extremely advanced in terms of their technology. Many of them have no equivalents and are yet to be discovered by modern science. We have heard this anecdotally but so far no one has practically demonstrated these technologies. The Sarvajnapeetha is working towards reinventing these technologies on a large scale and make it applicable to day to day life.


"Our Masters used inner powers and outer technology and achieved tons of comforts and luxuries for human beings. I want to create a laboratory where we will bring out the science of flying machines from thousands of years ago and batteries created with just Ayurvedic herbs as done by Sage Agastya. We will create a large laboratory where all this knowledge is applied and assembled to demonstrate the Vedic technologies to the world."

- His Divine Holiness  Nithyananda Paramashivam


Mystical Powers - Technologies governed by consciousness

These are expressions beyond the physical phenomena of matter and involve the power of consciousness over matter. They demonstrate the power of inter-connectedness amongst all minds.

Some of these include

Blindfold reading, Reading minds, Predicting the future, Seeing distant things Materialization of objects, teleportation of objects from one place to another

Nirahara: Living beyond food Travelling outside of the body. Disappearing and reappearing at distant places Our Puranas are full of references to such powers. But the prevalent atheistic mindset has made many, including Hindus, disbelieve such references as fantasies or imaginations.

At Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam, the Nithyananda Meditation University, many of these powers have already been demonstrated repeatably and verified scientifically by third parties. Some of the expressions such as blindfold reading are now available to the public at large and not just the students of the Gurukul.

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Advancing Technologies.

The second category of research is in material technologies.
Examples of these are:

 Atomic power generation

Submarine technology

modern science

There are ancient texts – many that are still available
 that provide detailed descriptions of these technologies.

A key part of the Sarvajnapeetha’s vision is to collect and research into all these texts. The Sarvajnapeetha will have the largest collection of authentic texts on Hinduism and Vedic science and technologies. It will also host the largest laboratory where such technologies can be experimented with by students and researchers alike.

Vedic Healing and the Arts

The third major branch of the Peeta would research into deeper aspects of the Vedic Arts. Subjects of study would include

Sculpture, Painting, Architecture | Archery | Ayurveda and Siddha medicines, cosmetics, surgery | Dance, Drama and Music | Economics and Political sciences – Artha shastra | All the Upavedas such as Jyotisha, Vastu Sashtra

You can help save these Advanced Vedic Technologies from becoming Extinct, Your contribution can make a difference to Planet Earth.

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