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śrisadāśiva uvāca yo yadevapratikṛtiṁ pratiṣṭhāpayati priye |
sa tallokamvāpnoti bhogānapi tadudbhavān ||
iṣṭakāgṛhadāne tu tasmāchhtaguṇaṁ phalam |
tato’yutaguṇaṁ puṇyam śilagṛahapradānataḥ || 25 ||


Lord Śri Sadāśiva said: O Dear Devi! The person who does pratiṣṭhā, which is the science of breathing life into matter and making a specific living form of Divine or Deity, he attains the abode of that very Deity and experiences the enjoyments of that abode. By donating a temple made of bricks, one resides in the heavenly abode for thousand crore years multiplied by hundred times. By donating a temple made of stones, one attains the Divine merit (puṇya) which is ten thousand times more. ~ mahānirvaṇatantraṁ, trayodaśa ullāsa

~ mahānirvaṇatantraṁ, trayodaśa ullāsa


What is a Hindu temple?

At the heart of the Vedic tradition and Hindu life is the sacred tradition of Hindu temples, the Cosmic Energy centers where the Divine resides in the beautiful forms of deities . Any human settlement in Vedic civilization has flourished around temples, making Hinduism a temple-based civilization of celebratory traditions . Temples have also been the education and cultural centers, where one learns and practices the highest ideals of life and has Satsanga, the truthful association with an evolved, devoted community . Temple rituals are processes to invoke and radiate different Divine energies within and without.


Each temple is an energy circuit created by an Enlightened Master or Avatar and retains that pure energy for thousands of years . Avatars bring down enormous Cosmic Energy which is stored in temples and radiate it to the whole planet, for mankind to experience enlightenment, and to also bring healing, peace, Divine powers and fulfillment of desires.

The temple is conceived as the physical form of God .

Garbha griha

The garbhagriha (womb room) represents the head and the gopura (tower) the feet of the Deity . The sukanasi or ardhamantapa (small enclosure in front of the garbhagriha) is the nose; the antarala is the neck; the various mantapas are the body; the prakaras are the hands . Vertically, the garbhagriha represents the neck, the shikhara (superstructure over the garbhagriha) the head, the kalasha (finial) the tuft of hair (shikha) .

The mystical ceremony of prana pratishta, breathing life into matter, creates a living deity having its own independent intelligence . Only living incarnations can perform this rare, mystical process . In regular temples, priests invoke the deity's energy through mantra prathishta or sacred chants .



Advaita Bhakti, worshipping Oneness through the living Deities

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In Hinduism, there is no idol worship . Worship happens ‘through’ the idols . Everything, from education, architecture, lifestyle or celebrations, are based on temple traditions . By overflowing devotion (bhakti) onto the living deity in the personal form or 'Archavatar' of pure consciousness, the Oneness (advaita) with Divine is experienced .

Hindu temples were always maintained through donations from royal patrons and individuals, thus creating huge merits (punya) for the donors . The temples were given money, gold, silver, cows and land by the patrons . Such donations keep the vital source of Vedic tradition alive and enriching till date .

Hindu temples, the Cosmic Energy centers to enrich humanity and planet

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Living Incarnation, His Divine Holiness Nithyananda Paramashivam has established Hindu temples all over the world based on the pure Agama sciences and rituals; inspiring millions of people to live, learn and benefit from the rich, fulfillfing Vedic tradition . More temples are needed to enrich the human need to directly connect and commune with the Divine and to serve the urgent planetary need for positive, peaceful energy centers.

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"Temples are like satellite relay centers where highly intense spiritual energy is created and sent all over the world to help human beings heal themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and above all spiritually. Through Deity worship, we have mastered the science of bringing Divinity in the Deities and the art of turning stone into God."
~ His Divine Holiness Nithyananda Paramashivam



In India


Hindu temples

In Bangalore, Salem, Hosur, Rajapalayam, Tiruvanamalai, Pondicherry, Chennai, Erode, Madurai, Kanchipuram, Hyderabad, Varanasi, Seeragapadi, Rasipuram and Sirkazhi.

Across the world


Hindu temples

including Los Angeles, Seattle, Ohio, Oklahoma, San Jose, New York, St . Louis, Phoenix, Houston, Charlotte in USA, Toronto in Canada, Singapore, Guadeloupe, Oman, Kuala Lampur, Washington DC and Melbourne in Australia.

To Achieve:


Work is underway for establishing more Hindu temples. These temples serve as Cosmic Energy hubs and learning centers reaching the Vedic lifestyle to people in their own places .


Contribute to the Vedic Rennaissance, Contribute to Establishing HIndu Temples, Save Hinduism, Stop the Hindu Holocaust.