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śilpaṁ hāsminnadhigamyat ya evaṁ veda | yadeva śilpānī |
ātmasanskṛtirvāva śilpāni cchandomayaṁ vā etairyajamāna ātmānaṁ sanskurute ||


Shilpāni, works of art of man, is the imitation of Divine forms.
By employing their rhythms, the artisans metrically reconstitute, and interpret the limitless knowledge of the sacred hymns, from the limits of human ability.

~ Aitareya Brahmana, Rg Veda, 6.5.27

Nithyananda Sacred Arts is established to preserve, revive and spread the Vedic temple arts, architecture and artfacts for people to live and experience the rich consciousness-based Vedic heritage.

- His Divine Holiness Nithyananda Paramashivam

Restoring the tradition and livelihood of Sthapathis, the temple architects

Sthapathis are experts in temple architecture and idol creation. They belong to the unique tradition of Vishwakarma community, descending from the celestial architect Vishwakarma.

His Divine Holiness Nithyananda Paramashivam is upholding the purity of the science of temple building by bringing new life and livelihood to this rare Sthapati and artisan community, along with the authentic science of temple arts. Each step of the sthapati’s task is outlined in the Sthapatya Vedas and Agamas (the scriptures of Vedic architectural science) and being approached with great care, devotion and ritual, bearing the purity of the tradition.




  • Continuously producing temple structures, deities, vahanas (vehicles of the deities), flagstaffs, temple jewelry, worship items, kavacham (sacred armors), sacred weapons, deity arches, crowns & jewelry of deities, chariots & thrones as per the Agama Shastra – the oldest available scriptural text of instructions from Lord Shiva.
  • Sacred creations are sent to all Nithyanandaeshwara Hindu Temples and home temples in 33 countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, USA, Canada, Australia and Indian states.
  • Creation of Metal Deities in Panchaloha (5- sacred metals)
  • Temple arts in not only panchaloha, but also in silver, stone, sheet metal, marble and wood.
  • Creating large temple structures and deities in granite (stone)
  • 1 lakh Vedic artifacts Collected from all over India, rejuvenated and distributed for everyday usage to infuse deeper consciousness and better health into modern day living.


hindu temple arch

Swamiji says that the science of using the energy of space or ether is the basis of Vastu Shastra. We can live in harmony with the universal energy by constructing dwellings and structures in a manner that fits with the spatial energy of the universe.

To Happen...

Evolve as an independent city producing Hindu temple arts and artifacts for distribution to the whole world. Produce items for 400 Hindu temples within the next 3 years. 

Confer doctorate degrees on the sthapathis and artisans for preserving the invaluable Vedic knowledge and skill .

Contribute to the Preserving and Proliferating Sacred Arts. Save Hinduism.