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All Shri Kailasa Foundations are built on Vedas and Agamas

His Divine Holiness Bhagawan Sri Nityananda Paramashivam, draws his teachings from the Vedas and the Agamas. In fact, he cautions individuals to only trust a Guru who is steeped in doing so, this is the much-needed acid test in the Kali yuga when imposters are rife, and huge in numbers. He encourages us to pre-qualify a teacher by asking from which Veda or Agama he draws his teachings from.


Vedic Books are Living Deities

Cosmic creation of the purest kind has an associated deity in charge of that creation. For instance, a herbal plant such as turmeric has an associated Goddess energy that can be revered as a deity. Similarly, a cosmic book, of the kind of Vedic literature has an associated living deity. Everything in the cosmos is sacred in the Vedic culture.


"All jnanalaya or libraries should be called Grantha Samadhi, which means the energy center of spiritual books. Books are living deities."

~ Paramahamsa Nithyananda


Sourcing, Cataloguing, Digitising, and Storing Vedic Foundational Literature

In order to revive Hinduism, and preserve the unadulterated cosmic truths, humanity needs a source catalogue of a library to refer to. Cosmic truths encapsulated in the Vedic literature are an ocean of knowledge, within which a solution to every problem can be found whether past, present, or future.

The theft of ancient Indian history, and its knowledge has been largely due to the greed to amass these truths, and thereby control humanity by keeping the knowledge from them. His Divine Holiness is tirelessly collecting and preserving Vedic texts.


`Knowledge of the history and practices of Indian states was seen as the most valuable form of knowledge on which to build the colonial state.'

Bernard S Cohn

vidyā nāma narasya rūpamadhikam pracchannaguptam dhanam
vidyā bhogakarī yaśassukhakarī vidyā gurūṇm gurūḥ |
vidyā bandhujano videśagamane vidyām param daivatam |

Sacred Knowledge is human’s ultimate beauty, the hidden treasure. Through knowledge, one can enjoy different happiness, success and it is the Master of all masters. During foreign travel, knowledge is our kin. Knowledge is verily the supreme divine.
~ nītiśatakam, 20


HDH Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam has been elaborating on the virtues of the knowledge that was lost by the Hindus and is reviving it for Shri Kailasa, the Hindu nation. Swamiji is also painstakingly ironing out the distortions made of the truths held in the Vedic texts. This is where Hindus need to unite and help shoulder the immense weight His Divine Holiness has and is enduring.


Why this project needs YOUR attention.

ancient vedic knowledge


The weight of this project can only be felt by those who can see this cause as the key pillar for the liberation of humanity. Those who seek to contribute significantly and acquire the status of becoming a Sarvajnapeetha Yajaman, a status of the highest order, are awakened to the possibility this project poses for humanity’s quest for enlightenment, and they rush to accomplish such a lofty worth without any hesitation.

This is true liberation, not the kind we have experienced parading itself as freedom which has destroyed human evolution rather than help escalate it. Power manifestors most regularly experience wealth-fatigue and wealth-depression. This is nature’s way to point out that you need to seek a deeper quest which points towards conscious enlightenment. This status is a ticket towards human evolutionary breakthrough in the direction of becoming super consciousness of Paramashiva.


Contribute to the Collection & Preservation of Vedic Texts

Accomplished till Date

vedic texts and the vedas

48520 books on Hinduism collected till date across the world.Books on vedic scriptures, life sciences, philosophy, yoga, the great Incarnations and Masters, including contemporary education fields such as technology, computer science and engineering in multiple Indian and International languages.

Preserving Texts Project has the following tasks to be accomplished.

20 million books to be collected and stored in the world’s largest Vedic library and research center, containing the Vedas, Upanishads, Agamas, Darshanas, Puranas, Itihasas and Smrti and worshiped as the embodiment of knowledge.


Contribute to the Collection & Preservation of Vedic Texts