Materialisation After Kundalini Awakening – Sarvajnapeetha

Materialisation After Kundalini Awakening

The rishis, or researchers, of the Vedic civilization, who were both mystics and scientists, discovered that matter and energy can be changed into each other. They aren’t fixed into permanent forms. The phenomenon can be seen every day. Whenever water is heated it becomes steam – it transforms from liquid to gas. When it is frozen, it becomes ice, changing from liquid to solid.


The rishis took this natural occurrence several steps further and discovered how to dismantle matter (solid or liquid objects) completely into the energy particles it was composed from. The particles were then sent to the location where the object was needed and reassembled there into their previous shape, just our present-day physicists have theorized. The ability to transport physical solid objects across significant distances, and even the ability to transport oneself, is achieved in the Vedic context by awakening one’s kundalini.

Experimenting in the realms of teleportation, materialization and levitation, first with small groups and then extending into the public domain, Paramahamsa Nithyananda has teleported many objects and substances across distances ranging from a few meters to thousands of miles. He has sent powdered turmeric and sacred ash – items used in Vedic rituals – from India to locations in North America, Europe and the Middle East. At times he has teleported carvings from his quarters into his public meditation hall. In one such event, he transferred a palm-sized statue of the Hindu elephant god Ganesha, which he himself had made, to the hands of a follower sitting near him in the hall. The statue had previously been in his room at a distance of 10 minutes’ walk.