Levitation after Kundalini Awakening – Sarvajnapeetha

Levitation after Kundalini Awakening

In Vedic philosophy, the human body is compared to an open pot, in the sense that the same space exists both inside and outside of the human body, separated only by the seeming boundary of the pot (the body). During levitation, the inner space of the receiver enters into entanglement with the pure inner space of the enlightened being, and loses the dirt of thoughts and engrams contaminating it. The body becomes light and as a result, the body is lifted off the ground, much like a helium balloon rises into the air. Levitation is the most visible indication that the grip of karmas (bio-memories) is reducing; the willingness to let go of pain, fear and guilt has started to happen. A transformation is happening and these outward indicators can be a powerful support on the spiritual path.


Levitation has three stages, as described in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. The first stage is “hopping”, as Paramahamsa Yogananda said that a yogi’s body will “hop about like a leaping frog”. In stage two, the body will hover in the air before descending. Stage three involves yogic flying and mastery of the sky. In all stages the experience is reported to involve inner peace, joy, bliss, lightness, and an intense happiness.