Third Eye Awakening (Ajna chakra activation) - Sarvajnapeetha

Third Eye Awakening (Ajna chakra activation)

Through Swamiji’s initiations in Third Eye Awakening, or activation of the Ajna Chakra, there is 100% success of the initiation seen in children below 14 years and 35% success in adults. These successfully initiated individuals are able to read successfully when blindfolded after the initiation!

Other side effects include IQ boost (25% children moved into 130+ IQ range known as gifted children, seeing auras and chakras, and accessing past & future (akashic reading).

The ability to see blindfolded is a side effect of what is known in our literature as third-eye or ajna chakra awakening. The Ajna chakra – present in the space between the two eyebrows is defined as the “browsing center” where we get access to any information you want.

Think of it as a network connection to Google – where you can search for any information and have access to knowledge far beyond what you have yourself learnt. Only this is much much more powerful than Google. You can access not only facts but visuals, wisdom, ideas feelings – anything. And you are not limited by distance. You have access to the most microscopic objects as well as that of the largest galaxies and the cosmos itself.